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Heroes of the Storm is Already Getting an Expansion Called Eternal Conflict


Heroes of the Storm is Already Getting an Expansion Called Eternal Conflict

The Skeleton King and the Monk are coming To Heroes of the Storm.

Despite only being released on June 2nd, Blizzard announced during the PC Gaming Show that Heroes of the Storm will be getting its first expansion called Eternal Conflict. This expansion is due out on June 30th and will focus on the Diablo universe.

During the show, Blizzard talked about two new Diablo heroes which will be added with the expansion. These two heroes will be the Monk and the Act 1 Skeleton King himself, Leoric. Leoric will be a melee-focused hero, whose two abilities will be Entomb and March of the Black King. With Entomb, Leoric will be able to trap heroes. This could be used to either trap fleeing heroes or isolate a particular hero for your team to attack.

March of the Black King meanwhile is a sweeping area of affect attack which along with dealing a large amount of damage, will also heal Leoric. Players who fought him in Diablo 3 may remember this move from the fight with Leoric himself.

What makes Leoric truly stand out though is what happens when he eventually dies in battle, because instead of being forced to wait for his timer to go down Leoric will instead turn into a wraith. While he won’t be able to kill or even damage the other heroes, in this form Leoric will have access to some area of effect moves that can slow down his enemies and decrease his time. Better yet, when his timer runs out Leoric will reappear exactly where his Wraith was. Because of this ability Leoric sounds like he’ll be a great character for newcomers although you have to wonder how Blizzard will prevent it from being overpowered.


While they were happy to reveal a ton of information about Leoric, Blizzard didn’t reveal nearly as much about the Monk. The reason for this is because the Monk is only in the early stages of development. The Monk will be the first Diablo support class that will be added to the game and as such he will focus on mobility and agility. The Monk will also be unique in that he will be able to choose his own traits at the start of each game. This means that Monk players will be able to choose the Monks traits based on what the team needs.

The Eternal Conflict will also feature a new Diablo map that will take place “in a burning hell” and the treasure goblins will also be added in due course. These gold rich goblins will appear at the early preparation stages of the map and beating them up will allow players to earn some bonus gold.

So what’s your opinion on the news that Heroes of the Storm is already getting an expansion? Let us know in the comments below.

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