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Head to the Moon with Anno 2205 This November


Head to the Moon with Anno 2205 This November

Who’s up for a trip to the moon?

After showing off some gameplay from The Division, Ubisoft decided to take players to the stars with Anno 2205. The presentation starts off with a CG trailer showing off the wonder of a full city on the moon, complete with ships and a landing pad. But like Aisha Tyler says, you gotta work for your trip to the moon.

That’s where the gameplay trailer kicks off, highlighting your ability to build your own city, create your ships, and eventually get to the moon. It evokes a feeling of wonder and exploration that No Man’s Sky gave gamers last year. Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer yourself.

Anno touches the ground on November 3, but if that sounds like too long of a wait, there’ll be a beta later on this year. Tell us how you feel about Anno 2205 in the comments below.

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