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Has a Catalyst Been Registered for Mirror’s Edge 2?


Has a Catalyst Been Registered for Mirror’s Edge 2?

She’s still alive.

In 2008, EA and DICE released Mirror’s Edge, a far cry from their Battlefield series. The game’s big claim to fame wasn’t just its distinct clean white and red visual style or its stellar main theme, but the first person parkour gameplay that put players in the boots of Faith Connors as she rescued her sister Kate from being framed for murder. Mirror’s Edge had some criticisms, mainly in the shooting and length departments, but was received pretty well and had a sequel announced at E3 2013, with the announcement date being “when it’s ready”. Nothing else much has been said, aside from the fact that it’s coming to the now current generation of consoles and will be a reboot that focuses on Faith’s past.

Things have been quiet on that front, but to DICE’s credit, they’ve had to deal with fixing Battlefield 4 and put other projects on the backburner to focus on that. Now, it looks like we’ll finally be seeing more of Mirror’s Edge 2 in the near future. Over the weekend, a trademark for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was filed in Europe by patent and trademark attorneys J A Kemp, thought to be representing EA. A domain name for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was also registered, so it’s a safe bet that we’ll be seeing the game at E3 sometime next week.

What do you think of the Catalyst subtitle? Hoping we’ll finally see Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3? Tell us in the comments below.

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