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Hardline’s Criminal Activity DLC Comes to Premium Members Tomorrow


Hardline’s Criminal Activity DLC Comes to Premium Members Tomorrow

Woods, Nightclubs and Shopping Malls. Nowhere is safe from the Criminal Activity.

Hope you’re ready for more Battlefield Hardline content, because tomorrow will see the release of the Criminal Activity DLC for premium members. If you’re a non-premium member, you’re going to have to wait till June 30th.

The Criminal Activity DLC will include 4 new maps, a new game mode called Bounty Hunter, 5 new weapons, 6 masks, 2 new rides and more.

Bounty Hunter will be a new infantry based multiplayer mode which will see teams fighting over each other’s bounty coins. These coins are dropped when someone is killed and points are scored when you pick it up. You can also deny the other team by picking up your team’s bounty coins.


Along with the Bounty Hunter mode, players will also get four new maps called Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat and Black Friday. The Backwoods map will take you out of the urban maps to an abandoned logging camp inside a forest. The Black Friday map meanwhile will take place in a multistory Miami Shopping mall after a hurricane and the Code Blue map will take place in the legendary Miami Blue Eclipse nightclub.

Enforcers will be happy to hear that the Criminal Activity DLC will include two Enforcer exclusive weapons, the Pump Action Bullpup Shotgun for police enforcers and the Battle Rifle for criminal enforcers. Cops and criminals will also get access to the new Armour Piercing Tracer Rounds and Breaching Rounds.

Breaching Rounds will be a shotgun exclusive ammo type that will allow you to either breach doors safely or give your opponents an explosive surprise and the AP Tracer Rounds do more damage to armored target’s, but they can be seen easier.

Both cops and criminals will also get access to a new side weapon, which is a Nail Gun. This Nail Gun can be a dangerous weapon at close range and “It doesn’t make much noise so you won’t show up on the minimap when firing.”


As for the vehicles, members of the criminal faction will be able to use the fully customized Lowrider, which has been “designed with mid-60s flair”. The Lowrider will come equipped with “a two-tone leather interior, custom musical horn and a hydraulic suspension controlled by the driver.” While exploring the Backwoods map, players will also find the other new vehicle, the Pick-up truck. Five players will be able to ride in this vehicle, but watch out because the bridge in the Backwoods map can be destroyed.

Finally, the Criminal Activity DLC will come with six new masks. These new masks will come with perks when worn and you can find out what these perks are here.


To prepare for the release of this new DLC, Battlefield Hardline will be getting a new patch tomorrow across all platforms which will cause the following downtime:

  • PC: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 07.00 UTC / 12.00 AM PDT
  • Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 08.00 UTC / 1.00 AM PDT
  • PS4: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 09.00 UTC / 2.00 AM PDT
  • PS3: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 10.00 UTC / 3.00 AM PDT
  • Xbox 360: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 11.00 UTC / 4.00 AM PDT

So are you looking forward to Criminal Activity and what’s your opinion of what’s coming with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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