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Guerrilla Games Unveils Horizon: Zero Dawn


Guerrilla Games Unveils Horizon: Zero Dawn

Robot. Dinosaurs.

After showing off some footage from The Last Guardian, Guerrilla Games stepped onto the stage to unveil their new game. Surprisingly, it’s not a new entry in the Killzone franchise, but a completely new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

It starts with a trailer establishing the backstory. It’s set in the near future, after a large scale blackout has appeared to render all technology useless and drive everyone back into tribes. The only remains of technology are large scale mechanical animals. Our hero uses her bow and the blade attached to it to take down Hunter drones silently and shoot up tubes on the larger beasts’ back. It all concludes with her facing down a large mechanical T-Rex.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is due in 2016, and if the premise of giant robot dinosaurs doesn’t interest you, then maybe its premise will. Here’s hoping we learn more about it at E3.

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