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Get Ready to Completely Rebuild the World From Scratch in Fallout 4


Get Ready to Completely Rebuild the World From Scratch in Fallout 4

The first thing I’m doing is building a doghouse.

Fallout 4 is clearly the undisputed heir to the title of Best Post-Apocalyptic Game of All Time – that is without question. However, did you ever even remotely consider that the Fallout franchise would be brave and bold enough to take on the genre of world-building genre gaming in the spirit of Minecraft? Because that is what sounds like it is doing.

In keeping with the game philosophy to allow you to do anything and everything your heart desires, the developers of Fallout 4 revealed that literally everything in the game’s world is salvageable and able to be used to craft and construct new items and structures. The developers hope that while you play Fallout 4 – you will also make the world your own, as well as your new home.

fallout doghouse

During the livestream, salvaged and scavenged materials were shown to create pretty much everything. For example, at the end of this section, the demo had showcased a giant light fixture illuminating an 8-bit sprite of a Vault Boy! The footage showed doghouses, new shelters, generators, terminals, power grids, and turrets all being built from scratch. With particular emphasis on turrets, mind you, because as you continue to build and grow your town more people will come. The scale of these settlements is staggering as it can take on the size of an entire town; furthemore, you are able to set up multiple settlements and arrange caravans to travel in between the two. Eventually and inevitably, your bustling settlements will become the target of raiders. This home and town of your’s is your castle – with your trusty hand-cannon, a couple of turrets, and defensive structure, you show those raiders why (when the chips are down) why it is your castle.

What are your thoughts on the Minecraft-like world building features that Fallout 4 revealed? What kind of settlement will you build once the game is released? Feel free to comment and share below!

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