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Get a Taste of Metro Redux With These Demos


Get a Taste of Metro Redux With These Demos

Thank god for demos.

Last year, Deep Silver and 4A games put out the Metro Redux, a collection of the first person games Metro 2033 and Last Light for the PS4 and Xbox One. The Metro Redux was pretty well received, but maybe the good word wasn’t enough for you. Maybe you’d like to try one of them out before forking over the $50 for them. Luckily, Deep Silver and 4A have got you covered on that front.

Right now on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Marketplace, you can download free demos for both Metro 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux. Typical demo stuff, you’re thinking. Well, turns out that by downloading the demos, you actually get to play 1/3 of each game. Both Metro Redux titles have eight or nine chapters for 2033 and Last Light respectively, so you’ll get to play at least three of those chapters. If you decide to purchase the full game, you’ll be able to continue on from where you left off in the demo, and any trophies you got during the demo time will unlock in full play. It’s actually pretty cool, don’t you think?

Let us know how you feel about the Metro Redux in the comments below.

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