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Flare It Up With Rise of Tomb Raider Box Art


Flare It Up With Rise of Tomb Raider Box Art

Crystal Dynamics heard you like axes, so now they’ve given you TWO axes!

If you thought the Tomb Raider news was gonna end with the new trailer, you’re thankfully mistaken. Crystal Dynamics today has also shown off the box art Rise of the Tomb Raider. Like how the box art for the previous Tomb Raider showed off the horrors of the island of Yamatai and Lara’s struggle to survive it all to save her friends, this Tomb Raider box art shows off the new winter environment of Siberia and her dual climbing axes. She’ll need them to find the lost city of Kitezh before the Trinity organization does. And this time she’ll be living up to the Tomb Raider name by actually raiding some tombs during the story!

Rise of the Tomb Raider launches Holiday 2015 for the Xbox One and 360 and sometime later on for the PlayStation and PCs. With E3 two weeks away, we’re sure to see something from the game there. Any bets on what we’ll see?

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