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Fans aren’t Satisfied and Want a Remake of Final Fantasy VI


Fans aren’t Satisfied and Want a Remake of Final Fantasy VI

Would you like to see a full Final Fantasy 6 remake too?

It turns out that not every Final Fantasy fan is happy to hear that Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake, because there’s now a petition on asking Square Enix to remake Final Fantasy VI.

The petition states:

“It is unfair that Final Fantasy VII has a remastering but Final Fantasy VI did not have a good remake. so by this petition you are asked to Square Enix to create a remake of Final Fantasy 6 if you could have 3D graphics as other fantasy end of this generation and some extra bonus.”

At the time of writing, this petition has received 3 out of the 100 signatures needed to send a letter to Square Enix which says “Remake Final Fantasy VI.”


This isn’t the only Final Fantasy VI petition running at the moment either, because over on iPetitions there’s a petition called “F’VII, Remake Final Fantasy VI.

This petition, set up by Game-Flush, shares their reasoning:

“A remade FFVI will give us the story the way it was meant to be told. Would we want a Final Fantasy VII remake down the line? Of course we would, but Final Fantasy VI deserves it more and needs it more.”

Out of the 10,000 needed, the iPetition currently has only 186 signatures.

Now the Final Fantasy series as a whole isn’t a stranger to fan petitions, as series fans have made petitions for things like remaking Final Fantasy XII, releasing Final Fantasy XV for PC and there’s even one asking Square Enix to make a Final Fantasy game just for the PS Vita.

So what’s your opinion on these fan petitions for Final Fantasy VI? Let us know in the comments below.

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