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Fifa 16 Receives Innovation Improvements Across the Pitch


Fifa 16 Receives Innovation Improvements Across the Pitch

EA and Pele fire one into the back of the net!

During their E3 conference today, EA gave us more details on this years iteration of the Fifa franchise, Fifa 16. Oh and Pele was there too!

After quite a lengthy chat with the legend of football, the details were revealed. The main aspect that was discussed were the improvements made within the gameplay of Fifa 16. These were described as innovations across the pitch.

These innovations across the pitch are reflected by the improvements made to player control of the team in both the defence, midfield and attack. You’ll be dominating the defence with new improved tackle techniques and the midfield has been improved with better build-up techniques to help get those menacing attacks into fruition too.

Fifa 16

Of course it wouldn’t be a Fifa game if they hadn’t improved the attacking play. EA Sports have used motion capture with soccer superstar Messi to enable off the ball dribbling and create opportunities to implement the clinical finishing engine present in the game.

The introduction of women’s teams into Fifa 16 was mentioned as it is considered a monumental introduction into the series. It’s good to see that the women’s teams have been brought to the monster football franchise, considering the growth of female football in the mainstream of sport.

Will you be picking up Fifa 16? Let us know in the comments below.

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