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Fallout 4’s Stunning Historic Landmarks Captured in These 7 GIFs


Fallout 4’s Stunning Historic Landmarks Captured in These 7 GIFs

Welcome to Boston – the Cradle of Post-Apocalyptic America.

While whispers and murmurings of the evenst of Fallout 4 have long been suspected to take place in Boston, Massachusetts (thanks to a number of news and leaks and references made to the Institute/Massachusetts in Fallout 3 side-quests) the monumental and explosive release of the official launch trailer confirmed and validated our suspicions. However, the trailer did so much more than that – it provided a glimpse into the beautiful and haunting re-imagining of the city’s most historic and iconic landmarks within a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.

Through a careful viewing, the trailer provides a surprising amount of detail and insight into the post-apocalyptic playground of Massachusetts that you and your loyal dog will be able to explore. We have provided wonderful GIFs for you to lose yourself in while we all wait in desperate anticipation for Fallout 4‘s official release date. Get ready to run, fight, scavenge, and spend your precious bottle caps at the…

Bunker Hill Monument

Scollay Square

A fortified Fenway Park with an attached town called “Diamond City”

Old North Church & the Paul Revere Statue

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University – Jamaica Plains and Roslindale

The USS Constitution / “Old Ironsides”

Massachusetts State House

For beautiful screen captures and high-resolution 1080p photos of the scenery, feel free to check out these articles provided by Polygon and Gamespot, respectively. Another interesting resource to check out is a Polygon article that cleverly utilizes both the screen captures and images pulled from Google Earth & stock photography to create a dynamic and intriguing pre-nuclear and post-nuclear comparisons of the famous Boston sites used in Fallout 4. People change, cities change – but war? War never changes, am I right?

Which of these locations in the Fallout 4 trailer were you most excited by? What other famous and historic Boston landmarks would you like to see? Feel free to comment and share below!

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