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Fallout 4 Is Totally Happening and Nothing Else Matters


Fallout 4 Is Totally Happening and Nothing Else Matters

War. War never changes.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new Fallout title. The last numbered entry in the series was Fallout 3 in 2008, followed by the Obsidian developed New Vegas in 2010. After multiple teases, Bethesda has now basically revealed that Fallout 4 is certainly happening. On their official Twitter, Bethesda tweeted only this:

The website redirects to just the “Please Stand By” bumper with a countdown timer on it set for tomorrow. Meaning we’ll have the official reveal of Fallout 4 at 9 AM Central time. In about a day, we’ll be hearing Ron Perlman’s classic narration and soft bass again after five years of missing in action. And what’s more, it’ll be a Fallout for the current generation of consoles. You may now concede with your dancing. We’ll wait.

Once you’re done with your dancing, tell us what you expect from the Fallout 4 announcement in the comments below. Do you think we’ll go to Boston like the rumors have been saying? The west coast? Maybe there’ll be multiplayer this time around? Don’t forget to come back here at Twinfinite once all the Fallout news hits!

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