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Fallout 4 is Going All Out with the Customization


Fallout 4 is Going All Out with the Customization

Customize your killing!

The Fallout games thus far have relegated your customization options to your skills and appearance. They’ve never gone all out as far as weapons and armor, but Fallout 4 is changing all of that by allowing you to mod and create your own weapons and armor.

You can find materials out in the area, or dismantle weapons and fuse them together to make brand new ones. In the presentation, Todd Howard showed off a few weapons that he created, from a gold rifle to a baseball bat with chainsaws on the end. Yes, for real. This feature will be coming to all Fallout 4 players, regardless of what system they play on. Man, imagine the possibilities.

Not only that, but you can build your own base of operations, including a doghouse for your little friend. The base can be used to protect you from raiders, power networks, and provide shelter in the harsh world of Boston. Teach them not to mess with you.

Fallout 4 hits the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 10.

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