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Ex-Planetside 2 Developer Throws Epic Shade at Destiny


Ex-Planetside 2 Developer Throws Epic Shade at Destiny

Shade so epic, it almost justifies the $40 pricing.

There’s nothing more fun than when people in the games industry take potshots at each other, and this one was no different. Daybreak Game Company’s Planetside 2 is available for free for all PS4 owners starting today. People are excited to finally be getting their hands on it. Michael Higby, the game’s former creative director, decided to announce it in the shadiest and most epic way possible.

Naturally, Higby is referring to Bungie and Activision’s Destiny, which has had a little bit of trouble with the press and fans following a really, really bad interview over the $40 pricing of their upcoming Taken King expansion. There are plenty of ways to react to this, but this is the best.



No wait, there’s this one.


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