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Everything You Missed From the Microsoft E3 Press Conference


Everything You Missed From the Microsoft E3 Press Conference

Microsoft: officially killin’ it.

Bethesda started E3 off right with Doom, Dishonored 2, and Fallout 4, and Microsoft took the ball and ran straight to the end zone with it. They covered all the main bases – Halo, Tomb Raider, Gears of War – and also featured plenty of unexpected surprises. Total shocker, not everything was spoiled! Hooray! Here’s a brief rundown of all the biggest moments from Microsoft’s 2015 E3 press conference.

Right out the door they kicked things off with Halo 5: Guardians. They started with some single-player campaign footage, then moved on to the brand new multiplayer mode called Warzone. If you’re lucky enough to be in attendance, Warzone is playable on the E3 show floor!

Screenshot 2015-06-15 17.40.01

Soon after that they revealed some fresh features coming to Xbox One: a new, upgraded controller with tighter precision and button mapping, the Xbox Game Preview app, and – get this – backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games. Talk about a bombshell!

Though EA went into more detail on Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 at their own press conference, Peter Moore took the stage to first show it off for the Microsoft crowd. He also added that Dragon Age: Inquisition and Titanfall will soon be coming to EA Instant Access on the Xbox One, and that Xbox Live Gold members will be able to trial Instant Access for the entire week of E3 for free. Nice one, EA.

It’s been a while since we last heard anything about the upcoming Tom Clancy games, The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege, so it was nice to have some updates on both titles here. Playing off the newly announced backwards compatibility, Rainbow Six: Siege will come bundled with the Xbox 360 titles Rainbow Six: Vegas and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. That’s a lot of Rainbow Six!

Fallout 4 may have already been detailed at Bethesda’s first ever E3 press event, but they came back during Microsoft’s power hour to announce some exclusive goodies. Not only will Fallout 3 be packaged in with the Xbox One version of Fallout 4, but any mods created by players on the PC for the game will be downloadable and playable on the Xbox One. Progress!


Several new games received their world premiere trailers on the Microsoft stage as well. From sequels like Dark Souls III to brand new IPs like Sea of Thieves and ReCore, the stage just flicked from trailer to trailer to trailer. It was glorious.

A welcome surprise (though it was kind of leaked previously) was the 30th anniversary Rare collection of games, Rare Replay. Boasting 30 games from Rare’s 30 years, and 10,000 gamerpoints to unlock, this set hits stores in August.

Surprising nobody, thanks to the timed exclusivity on Xbox One, Crystal Dynamics showed off some new gameplay footage for Rise of the Tomb Raider. November 10 was also cemented as the biggest day of releases for the holiday season, as that is when the Tomb Raider sequel joins Fallout 4 in our homes.

Gears of War 4

Finally, Microsoft wrapped up their show with a back-to-back Gears of War showcase. Gears of War Ultimate is the penultimate version of the first iconic game in the franchise, while the gorgeously gritty Gears of War 4 made its feature debut at the end of the conference.

Phil Spencer closed things out by promising more information on their E3 no-shows at Gamescom in August, so look forward to that!

What did you think of Microsoft’s 2015 presentation? Have you been sold on the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more E3 coverage all week!

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