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Everything to Expect from the PC Gaming Show at E3 2015


Everything to Expect from the PC Gaming Show at E3 2015

PCs are coming.

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Why Are We Here?

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PC gaming has been around since the very dawn of video games. Games are made on PCs, games are modded on PCs, games are loved on PCs. Yet, there has never really been a conference at E3 for PC gaming. You would think that there would be, especially when you consider the fact that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all have their consoles front and center every year (whether it’s on stage or through a livestream). So what about those who want a conference dedicated to all things PC?

Well, E3 2015 has just the thing for you! The PC Gaming Show is here to celebrate the resurgence of PC gaming thanks to all of the leaps and bounds made in regards to affordability and accessibility. As this sector continues to see phenomenal growth, it’s only right that it stands toe-to-toe with all of its competition at one of the world’s largest trade shows. The first thing you can definitely expect is a lot of excitement, things are changing and this is the first instance of that.

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