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Everything to Expect from the Microsoft Xbox Conference at E3 2015


Everything to Expect from the Microsoft Xbox Conference at E3 2015

Xbox might have a surprise or two.



Microsoft and the Xbox team had a pretty rough start when it came to launching the Xbox One. Their first E3 presentation after the launch of their highly anticipated console left a bit to be desired, and added to the confusion surrounding both the machine and the company behind it. Ever since Phil Spencer has taken the helm of the Xbox division, he’s slowly been steering the ship towards a much brighter future.

This E3 2015 conference will be more of that. Gone are the days of not knowing what is required to get the system to function. No more wondering what alternate meanings the word “exclusive” can possibly hold. Phil Spencer is nothing if not a man who can learn and adapt to every situation. He’s managed to change the views on the Xbox from a DRM driven machine, to a wonderful console with the capabilities to bring joy and entertainment to everyone who uses it. And this was all done by being open.

Going into E3 2015, expect a lot more clarity from the Xbox team. No more double-talking and riddles. Just straight facts set up to wow everyone in attendance, along with those watching from the comfort of their homes.

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