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Everything to Expect from the EA Conference at E3 2015


Everything to Expect from the EA Conference at E3 2015

EA, challenge everything.

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Smiles Galore



If there is one thing that EA is good at, it’s smiles. Games that make you smile, smiling faces in the crowd, and smiling suits walking across the stage. Nobody ever looks as happy to be at E3 than Electronic Arts for some reason. But this year they have good reason; EA is coming out swinging. Tons of highly anticipated games, some big announcements, and a little bit more of what you already expect from them is slated for this year’s conference.

Before they get into the nitty-gritty of what everyone is there to see, expect some hearty recaps. News on their recently released games, EA Access, and other previously made announcements should be first on the menu. Or, they may even decide to sprinkle in some of the old throughout the show to allow a more controlled conference instead of everything building to a fever pitch.

That means we can all expect some updates on Battlefield: Hardline, EA Access, Sports, Plants vs. Zombies, and other big titles. You may have noticed that some huge titles are missing from that last sentence, that’s because certain games are guaranteed to be receiving their own section.

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