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Everything to Expect from Nintendo at E3 2015


Everything to Expect from Nintendo at E3 2015

Time for E3! Let’s-a go!


For two years now, Nintendo has forgone the flashy E3 stage show in exchange for a pre-recorded series of Nintendo Direct-style videos that are shown throughout the entirety of E3. Combined with Nintendo Treehouse, wherein they play and stream the games they are currently hyping up, the whole event feels much more fan-focused and gamer-oriented than the likes of Sony and Microsoft, with their big wigs sweating it out on stage and stumbling over their words as they try their best, bless them, to get the crowds excited for the next generic action shooter featuring a white male protagonist as best as they can.

At any rate, Nintendo’s fresh take on information reveals at the expo has proven successful, and they will continue that trend soon at E3 2015. Between the NX, their mobile deal, some theme park attractions, a handful of new IPs, and promises of continued franchises, not to mention all those unknown reveals they’ll be making, Nintendo has certainly got a wealth of material that they can focus on. Let’s kick things off by immediately getting out of the way those things that will not be discussed at E3.

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