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Everything That Happened at the Sony E3 Press Conference, TL:DR Version


Everything That Happened at the Sony E3 Press Conference, TL:DR Version

Just the need-to-knows.

Sony’s E3 conference commenced with an epic announcement. The long-awaited, rumored to be a topic at the past thirty E3 conferences video game, The Last Guardian, is finally being released on the PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Continuing with the momentum of the initial shock, Sony then revealed a new franchise from Guerilla Games called Horizon: Zero Dawn, also due in 2016. It’s a game about a post apocalyptic world in which neo-cavemen and neo-cavewomen battle against robot dinosaurs created by the “old ones.”

Returning to an old favorite, Sony then announced the premiere of the new Hitman for Playstation 4 and PC with tons of exclusive content for the PlayStation 4 version. The game is slated for a digital release on September 8th, 2015.

Keeping the theme of old favorites, Sony’s next announcement was the reveal of characters Birdy and Cammy coming to Street Fighter V, with a public beta exclusive to PlayStation 4 gamers scheduled for release on July 23rd, 2015.

Moving along and expanding our notion of the world scale came Sean Murray from Hello Games to show us some live gameplay of No Man’s Sky. We are still waiting for a release date on this one.

Traveling from outer space to inner space, Sony then showcased one of its most intriguing and ambitious projects yet, a new title called Dreams. If it looks confusing at first, don’t worry. It’s supposed to fill our heads with questions and take time to sink in.

Firewatch’s release on the PS4 was Sony’s next announcement. This came along with some new trailer footage, but the majority of the game’s details have not yet been revealed.

This was followed by Adam Boyes from Sony Computer Entertainment announcing the confirmation of Destiny’s newest (leaked) expansion The Taken King, which adds three new subclasses to the game and is slated for a September 15, 2015 release.

Promising to fulfill the expectations of its failed predecessor, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate made an appearance at Sony’s E3 conference with a new cinematic trailer. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is set to be released for public purchase on October 23, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As an appetizer, Sony announced World of Final Fantasy as the newest addition to the Final Fantasy franchise.

However, as the main course and as a special treat for any long time fan of the franchise, Sony announced that they would finally be creating a Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS4.

Shedding some attention to a game that needed support, Sony put the spotlight on the Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 to help get the game funded. The Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 has already surpassed its $2 million goal.

Zooming in the lens a bit to the near future, Sony then focused on the epic, highly-anticipated game that is coming out next week with PS4 exclusive content: Batman: Arkham Knight.

Not giving much detail, Sony also made a brief mention of its Project Morpheus and Playstation Vue systems.

Coming to a close, Sony ended their E3 conference with three more announcements:

What do you think of Sony’s announcements at their E3 conference? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on all this news in the comments.

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