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EVE Valkyrie Elevates Space Combat Gaming With VR Technology


EVE Valkyrie Elevates Space Combat Gaming With VR Technology

Who needs SpaceX when you got a PC and a VR helmet?

A fantastic new and upcoming space combat game called EVE Valkyrie is stepping on unknown territory by fully integrating VR technology into the gaming experience. With the use of the VR helmet peripheral, you are literally immersed straight into the heart of intense and insane interstellar space battles.

The game is also a team effort as you fly as part of a squadron. The experience is described as highly intense. One thing that the developer of EVE Valkyrie had noted was that gamers originally did not find it natural to look around in the game by literally turning their heads. Furthermore, once your mind and eyes have acclimated to the VR environment, when you take off the helmet, players may experience a weird feeling.

The primary goal for them was to create the most immersive and integrative experience possible. With this mind, it presented new challenges for them to overcome. For example, developers had to get creative in designing normally simple things differently such as the main menu. The developers see EVE Valkyrie as part of the vanguard in the moving direction of gaming (especially PC gaming) towards VR gaming.

Will you take up the challenge in becoming a legendary space fighter pilot in EVE Valkyrie? Feel free to comment and share below!

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