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EA Sports Brings Several Focuses to Upcoming Franchise Releases


EA Sports Brings Several Focuses to Upcoming Franchise Releases

EA Sports is upping its game

During the EA Sports section of the EA E3 2015 press conference, it was revealed that the EA Sports franchises have been given some major focuses to improve the player experience.

Games such as NHL 16, Madden 16, NBA 2k16 and Fifa 16 will all have a strong focus on team play, emphasis on the Ultimate Team mode of each game, and handy tutorials for new players.

The latest titles in each franchise will aim to focus on team play, which seems apt considering how important teamwork is in each of these sports. For example in NBA Live 16, the game will have improved stable and reliable matchmaking and co-op online play for all you wannabe ballers.

Each of the upcoming titles will also continue to have a large emphasis on the ‘Ultimate Team’ mode of each game, which puts the player in control of their own fantasy team in the form of a trading card style system. EA Sports have promised there will be more Ultimate Team content than ever before.

Finally EA Sports revealed that they want to help newcomers to their sports franchises get used to and improve their skills. By bringing up button prompts and suggestions on what play to make in the likes of Madden 16 and Fifa 16, the game will help improve that weak part of your game.

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