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EA Re-Announces Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


EA Re-Announces Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

She’s baaaaaaaack!

Yesterday, we reported that EA had filed a trademark for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, leaving a lot of people to suspect that the title to the DICE first person parkour game had changed. Sure enough, EA has today announced, or rather re-announced, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Senior producer Sara Jansson said:

“On behalf on the entire team here at DICE, we can’t wait to show you what we have been pouring our heart and soul into. We can’t wait to introduce you to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

…Catalyst “is not a sequel, this is not Mirror’s Edge 2. We have landed on a vision that honors the first game — pushing the boundaries of first person movement and diving deeper into the story behind our heroine Faith — but also brings a lot of great new, interesting gameplay and features to the experience for our players.”

A first look at Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will come next week at E3, and hopefully more details to the story and gameplay improvements along with it. We here at Twinfinite will report on whatever they show off, so be sure to check here next week for your Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst info!

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