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Dodge Roll Games Reveals more Information about Enter the Gungeon at E3


Dodge Roll Games Reveals more Information about Enter the Gungeon at E3

With over 200 guns to play with, which one will you fall for?

During Devolver Digitals time at E3 this year, Dodge Roll Games showed off their upcoming game Enter the Gungeon.

Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and the Souls series, Enter the Gungeon is a mix between the bullet hell and the dungeon crawler genres and will have players explore procedurally-generated levels starting with a castle area.

Enter the Gungeon will feature over 200 guns ranging from lasers to revolvers and the power of the gun will affect your guns’ reloading times. The game will also feature Binding of Isaac-style items so each run feels unique. These items will include an item which will give each gun a Gears of War-reload mechanic and a “quad triple shot.”


In order to survive players will need to learn to take advantage of the Invincibility frames of the game’s Dark Souls-inspired rolls. Players will have to master these invincibility frames or else they’ll just be dodging one bullet to hit another. Speaking of things that inspired Dodge Roll Games, some of the game’s bosses will draw from others. In the E3 demo, they showed off the boss Gattling Gull who was inspired by Metal Gear Solids Vulcan Raven.

According to the interview at E3, the game’s difficulty is between that of the Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne. They also stated that the game will take an hour to finish (here’s hoping that’s a single run). They also revealed that Enter the Gungeon will be released for the PC, Mac, Linux and the PS4 early next year.

So are you excited for Enter the Gungoen? Let us know in the comments below!

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