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8 Characters Who Would Be Perfect For Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade


8 Characters Who Would Be Perfect For Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

Did your favorite Final Fantasy character make the cut?

Shadow (Final Fantasy VI)

Starting off this list we have the Western Ninja who’d kill his own mother for a nickel, Shadow (and his dog interceptor, of course). By the way, if you haven’t played any Final Fantasy title on this list yet, you may want to skip the second paragraph because it’s spoiler time.

Before becoming the cold-hearted assassin with a cute dog, Shadow and his friend Baram were train robbers. Unfortunately after a particularly successful raid, their infamy caught up to them. During the escape, Baram was injured and despite begging him to end his life, Shadow fled. Shadow would go onto live a normal life but despite getting married and having a daughter, he couldn’t live with himself and ran away. Thus began his life as the mercenary we know him as today.

As for Dissidia’s plot, it’s easy to imagine that Shadow would start off as a neutral party, jumping between groups that further his goal to take out Kefka. Due to this, we could see him working with characters on both sides, since most of Chaos’ forces don’t like the insane clown.

Shadow could be a very versatile fighter, using his Throw ability to damage enemies at a range while using his blade and interceptor to deal damage up close. As for what he throws, he could use items like shurikens and random weapons like low level daggers and the rare broadsword. Finally, his EX Burst could be his desperation attack, Shadow Fang.

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