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Did You Know That Castlevania Creator Igarashi Also Moonlights as a Vampire Hunter?


Did You Know That Castlevania Creator Igarashi Also Moonlights as a Vampire Hunter?

There’s one name all vampires fear… that name is Koji Igarashi.

Famed video game producer, Koji Igarashi, is a man of many talents and skills. He is most well known for his instrumental contributions to the popular and beloved vampire-slaying Castlevania franchise. Despite his long absence from Konami and the incredible franchise, fans are incredibly excited for his next project – a Kickstarter-funded spiritual successor to the Castlevania games called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

With an original funding goal of $500,000, at the Kickstarter’s launch on May 11th, the project broke $1 million in backing in its first day. Subsequently, news broke that backers who paid more that $60 would receive beta access to the game. Furthermore, at the end of May, it was announced that Bloodstained had extended a $3 million stretch goal to bring the game to the Wii U. With 7 days left to go in the Kickstarter campaign, Igarashi and Bloodstained achieved its goals for a Wii U port made possible with a whopping $3.4 million raised.

Producer, developer, and successful independent entrepreneur. what else can the legendary Igarashi do?!? Well, for starters – did you know he is a real-life vampire hunter? In a humorous YouTube video released today, Igarashi teams up with Mega64 to slay a vampire with his unrivaled skills, intellect, and a whip.

In this video, Igarashi and co. show off his charming and wonderful tongue-in-cheek humor as our heroes navigate the halls of the haunted hotel in search of the vampire’s possessions to summon and defeat him. You will definitely get a kick out of the final battle as you see the pure intensity and focus of Igarashi, coupled with shaky zoom shots straight out of an episode of Firefly. 

While not directly mentioning Bloodstained in name, the video is fantastic way to advertise and generate additional support for further Kickstarter funding in its final week. Additional funds will go towards the development of extra in-game content. Also, according to this Gamespot report, if the Kickstarter reaches $3.5 million, the game will also be ported to the PlayStation Vita.

Would you hire Igarashi for his vampire hunting services? Or you think you could do a better job? Feel free to comment and share below! If you wish to contribute to the Bloodstained Kickstarter, or for more information and updates, feel free to visit the official campaign page.

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