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Did You Catch Uncharted 4’s Well Hidden Easter Egg?


Did You Catch Uncharted 4’s Well Hidden Easter Egg?

There was a lot to see at this year’s E3. Star Wars: Battlefront, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Halo 5 were just a few of many outstanding titles showcased. The Uncharted 4 gameplay demo blew minds as well, and the ending to the extended demo shown behind closed doors held even more of a cliffhanger.

With all that action, it’s no surprise most fans missed this small but clever eater egg hidden within the Uncharted 4 gameplay demo.

Uncharted 4 easter egg license plate

Remember the jeep that Nathan and Sully use to utterly destroy this town? Well if you flip its license plate, it reads “Elena.” The R superimposed onto a fish reads “Fisher.”

Elena Fisher, kick-ass reporter and Nathan’s wife, actually makes a somber appearance in the extended gameplay demo shown behind closed doors at E3. The couple is notorious for their on-again off-again antics, but this year, there seems to be something much more serious at hand. You can read more about Elena’s appearance in our full preview here.

uncharted 4 elena fisher screenshot demo e3 2015

Who knows how many sly easter eggs the Naughty Dog team has snuck into their latest title, but we can’t wait to find them all.

Are you peeing yourself in excitement for Uncharted 4 yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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