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Destiny: The Taken King E3 2015 Hands-On Preview


Destiny: The Taken King E3 2015 Hands-On Preview

Destiny could really use a shaking up. Its latest expansion House of Wolves was a step in the right direction but still feels a little safe. The Taken King has the potential to change that. It’s adding new classes, new areas, new enemies, and more, but whether or not it actually fulfills that promise is still up in the air. Instead, let’s focus on what was shown at E3 this year: the new subclasses and PvP modes.

The new subclasses are arguably the most exciting new feature in The Taken King. New abilities have the potential to dramatically change the way you play, and make the game feel fresh again. Titans will get the solar-powered Sunbreaker class, Hunters become Nightstalkers, and Warlocks get the Stormcaller We spent the most time with the Sunbreaker class, whose super Hammer of Sol is a dangerous combination of offensive prowess and survivability. The ability allows Sunbreakers to fling powerful flaming hammers at enemies from a safe distance. While its power in PvE is unknown, in PvP each attack was a one shot kill that required more precision than the Golden Gun but lasted longer.

The same goes for the Nightstalker and Stormcaller. Both of their supers (as most supers are) will be powerful in PvP. Nightstalkers can shoot a void bow that does heavy damage to one enemy and then seeks out other nearby enemies. Stormcallers can hover around and shoot lightning from their hands, wrecking havoc for both PvE and PvP content for sure.


However, how this all translates to PvE will be more interesting to follow. All of the supers are powerful in the Crucible; how it’s used in PvE is more defining. The Nightstalker’s super for example seems more tailored made for PvE, where enemies are more likely to be grouped together.

Speaking of PvP, what we were able to demo at E3 2015 were one of the two PvP modes Rift. Rift gives Destiny a much needed capture the flag variant. A spark spawns in a central location and can be collected by either team. The team that collects it needs to bring it safely into the enemy base. There’s no dropping the spark. If the opposing team kills the runner than they receive points towards their overall score. However, if the runner can safely make it to the enemies point within their base, then they will receive a large amount of points. Runners can also earn points for carrying the spark a set amount of distance. Teamwork will be key as runners can be quickly downed without a team to protect them (runners can still

Like other objective based modes such as Control, victory is determined by points and not necessarily on who had the most successfully ran the most sparks. Rift is definitely a worthy addition to the Crucible playlist which really could benefit for some more objective game modes.

Mayhem is the other new PvP mode which is another straight Team Deathmatch variant. The difference with Mayhem though is that all abilities (including supers) recharge extra fast. It’s meant to be a chaotic and crazy mode where you get to constantly use what makes your class unique and fun. However, with all those abilities popping off, expect to die more often. It’s easy to see how this mode might become frustrating to some.

Let us know how you think this will shake up Destiny’s playing field in the comments!


Ed has been a proud member of the Twinfinite staff since 2014. He plays everything on everything but is particularly fond of JRPGs, MMOs, and sports. He holds a B.A. in history and political science and a M.S. in education all from the University at Albany.

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