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Combining GTA V and Full House Works Surprisingly Well


Combining GTA V and Full House Works Surprisingly Well

Everywhere you look…

Everyone who plays GTA V knows that murder is the name of the game. Whether by gun, fists, car, or skydiving, murder is the word of the day every day in Los Santos, and good old family time is rarely going to be found. So you’d think that using GTA V on PC to recreate the opening credits of Full House would be weird, right? As it turns out…not really.

This video comes to us courtesy of YouTube user Alex Lovern, with assistance from SJaak327’s Simple Trainer. It lines up with the actual show pretty well, but one thing I have to call out is that there’s no way Franklin isn’t Bob Saget. He’s pretty much the only sane person in GTA V, which isn’t saying much to begin with, but it’s insulting to make him Dave freakin Coulier.

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