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Check Out These 6 Impressive Destiny Tattoos


Check Out These 6 Impressive Destiny Tattoos

“I wasn’t talking to you, Little Light.”

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The House of Wolves released about two weeks ago and judging by the majority of reactions, it has been well received. The Prison of Elders presents a challenge for PVE players while the Trials of Osiris have become an extremely popular PVP elimination weekend event. For many fans, this DLC is exactly what was needed to restore their passion in the game. For a while, people were starting to worry about the future of Destiny but it is now more promising than ever.

This is good news for all fans, but it may come as especially good news to fans who have trusted their full confidence into Destiny. We’re talking about fans who have shown their faith and commitment to the game by tattooing their favorite Destiny icons into their skins for life.Their level of dedication to the game is admirable. Let’s check out their awesome tattoos.

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