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Capcom Announced the Mega Man Legacy Collection For Xbox One, PS4, PC and 3DS


Capcom Announced the Mega Man Legacy Collection For Xbox One, PS4, PC and 3DS

Remove the cob webs from your Mega Buster Mega Man because you’re back in action!

Mega Man fans and retro gamers look out, because earlier today Capcom announced that they’re bringing the first 6 Mega Man games to the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and the Nintendo 3DS in the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection will allow gamers to play the first six Mega Man games in “crisp” 1080p, and they’ll be enhanced with modern extras.

The Legacy Collection will include a challenge mode which will take moments from each of the six games and weave them together to create a variety of challenges. The Capcom Unity Blog revealed that these challenges will include completing six rooms with one life bar, and defeating all six Mega Man 1 Robot Masters in a row. Each challenge will also feature its own leaderboard, and other players will be able to see the best times replay data as well.

Each Mega Man game will also have its own database which will include enemy listings and that game’s robot masters. Gamers will be able to read details about specific enemies or take them on in practice mode. The practice mode option also extends to the Robot Masters so players will be able to practice fighting against specific Masters as much as they want.

Finally, the Mega Man Legacy Collection will also include a Museum which will feature “an exhaustive collection of sketches, art and other visual materials that help put you in that 1987~1992 time period.”

The team behind the Mega Man Legacy Collection is called Digital Eclipse, and on the Capcom Unity Blog their Head of Restoration, Frank Cidaldi, said: Movies have the Criterion Collection, but there hasn’t been anything like that for games,”. He also added that “We’re living in the golden age of a brand new form of artistic expression, and we’re not doing a very good job of making sure our games will be available five years from now, let alone fifty. The more we can do right now to take video game preservation seriously, the safer our history will be.”

The Mega Man Legacy Collection will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer while Nintendo 3DS owners will have to wait till winter for their copies, and it will cost $14.99.

So are you excited about the Mega Man Legacy Collection? What platform do you plan to get it for? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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