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Become The World’s Premiere Assassin In The New and Upcoming Hitman


Become The World’s Premiere Assassin In The New and Upcoming Hitman

Welcome to the World of Assassination.

During Square Enix’s live conference, an incredibly in-depth gameplay trailer was showcased for the new Hitman game. Check it out below!

In the game, you return as Agent 47 – the world’s premiere assassin who will travel to amazing and exotic locations around the world performing high-profile kills against the powerful, the corrupt, or anyone really – given the right price. The Hitman trailer hints at the game’s storyline where you are assigned to assassinate Viktor Novukov. While his public persona appear blameless and unsuspecting, in reality he is actually a severe and dangerous threat to European intelligence and operations. He is the leader of a global spy ring called IAGO that deals in secrets & seeks to disrupt, dismantle, and influence world governments and international security. You must do whatever is it and necessary to take him down.

There are a number of new features revealed in the name Hitman game. It is now a high-definition sandbox game where your contracts will literally take you anywhere. Furthermore, in the spirit of the prior Hitman games, there are multiple means, paths, and methods to complete your contacts and to take out your enemies. The return of community levels & contract mode has been annouunced. Boasting a wide variety of mission level types, when you master a level you will unlock new equpment. Furthermore, some targets will only be availle in a limited amount of time.

The game is slated for a digital release on September 8th, 2015 and will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

Are you excited to take up the mantle of Agent 47 again in this next generation iteration of Hitman? Feel free to comment and share below!

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