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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Missions Guide – Balancing Act


Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Missions Guide – Balancing Act

For this challenge, the Riddler will instruct you that it is urgent that you head over to Chinatown. Remember to bring your Batmobile since you’ll need it to complete this Riddler mission. But this isn’t another racetrack. This Riddler mission is more of a puzzle and it’s all about balancing.

Similar to the last mission, the Riddler will bring you underground. When you get out of the elevator, head forwards until you reach a fork and then proceed up both ramps on the left until you are on the platform with the Riddler button and activate it. Once you are there, get out of the Batmobile and use the Batmobile remote.

Drive the Batmobile onto the balancing ramp and use O on PS4 or B on Xbox One to remove the bar holding the ramp in place. Once the ramp can move freely, weigh yourself on the opposite side of the Riddler button and when it reaches the bottom, rev up your engine, boost up your turbo, and ramp your way to the top.

Drive over the red platform and then stop. Make sure you are completely off the red platform before activating the Riddler switch command button, and then progress across. You’ll be faced with another balancing ramp. Same as before, use your turbo boost to shoot across. Once on the other side, fire the power winch and rev your engine.

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