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Batman: Arkham Knight Guide- How to Complete Red Hood’s Mission


Batman: Arkham Knight Guide- How to Complete Red Hood’s Mission

This post was authored by Stan Guderski. You can contact him at [email protected]

Bust Up the Fish Market Deal

Just as Black Mask’s goons are about to sell Penguin’s thugs some illegal guns at the fish market Red Hood crashes through the skylight. As you’re given control you’ll find yourself surrounded by 9 hostiles. This is your introduction to the Red Hood.

Familiarize yourself with his move set here. Unlike Batman, the Red Hood isn’t afraid to get lethal. His main weapon, one you will become intimately familiar with, is a pair of dual handguns. The guns can be fired off with a tap of the left trigger, and are used in everything from takedowns to stopping charging thugs in their tracks. You will be putting down a lot of men with these bad boys, so get used to it.

The other tools of Red Hood’s trade are a grappling hook you can put to use in a zip kick that will launch you into an enemy, stunning them–and a flash grenade that can be tossed to stun multiple enemies at once. Both of these items can be selected from the weapon wheel and are used when holding down the left trigger. In truth you will likely rarely use these options, mainly because Red Hood’s guns are too useful.

Once you take down the hostiles more will emerge from a shutter on the left side of the room. There is an electric panel to the right of where you came in that can be used for a takedown, and a red explosive  you need to be mindful of. Taking down these new guys will yield even more thugs who enter from an elevator. Put them down however you see fit, and Red Hood will grab the last remaining guy and interrogate him about the weapons deal. He will reveal that the weapons are being kept at the docks, which you are immediately whisked away to following the scene.

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