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Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Leaderboard Appears to Be down


Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Leaderboard Appears to Be down

Even Batman ain’t perfect.

As if the terrible PC port of Arkham Knight wasn’t bad enough, it seems that the PlayStation 4 version is also experiencing difficulties, though perhaps not quite as serious as the problems PC gamers are facing, the leaderboard for the PS4 edition of the game appears to be having problems.

Numerous players from sites like the game’s official forum, Reddit, and Sony’s community help page are reporting that there are some serious issues with the leaderboards. It seems when players try to access the leaderboards, instead of seeing players high scores, they are greeted by an error message.

The leaderboards keep note of the scores players get when they compete in certain challenge matches around the city and players should be able to compare their scores against other players. However, this feature is currently down for many players who are greeted by the message: “A connection to PlayStation Network cannot be established. Gameplay will continue without Leaderboard access until a connection is made.”

Despite the game receiving some very good reviews since it was released, Batman: Arkham Knight is certainly experiencing some issues.

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