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Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat Two-Faced Bandit


Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat Two-Faced Bandit


What’s the point of being Batman if you don’t get to face off against some of his biggest adversaries? Batman: Arkham Knight takes advantage of the fact that this is the caped crusader’s last big adventure to bring back some fan favorites. One of those favorites, that even got a lot of trailer time pre-release, is Harvey Dent but you might know him better as Two-Face. He’s back and has a sudden urge to rob every large bank in Gotham.

In order to take down this particular villain you will have to stop a few of those bank robberies. Don’t worry, Alfred actually does a splendid job of guiding you to all three so you can focus on more important things like bashing skulls in. At each location is a large group of thugs to be taken down before all of the money is stolen. That means it’s time to get ready to put the beats on some bad guys.

For the first part of each bank robbery there is an alarm going off giving Batman the ability to charge right in without the worry of being quiet. Use this time to use a few Fear Takedowns, break through walls, smash through windows, and just let your inner Bat-anger out. You will be able to quickly get into and out of situations without having to worry about enemies from afar joining in. Using a loud attack right next to another enemy is pretty fun during these sections, so let loose.

After defeating the required amount of enemies (indicated in the upper-right corner of the screen), Two-Face will turn off the alarms and you will have to go into predator mode. By this time there shouldn’t be too many enemies around but you will still have to rely on stealth unless you want to get shot out of the sky. Clear everyone out then exit the bank and head to your next destination. Repeat the same process at the second bank, and then head to the third and final robbery location so you can face off against the man with two faces.

At the third location, things are a bit different. The first section of this mission is the same. Batman goes in while alarms are blaring and brutalizes everyone present, although this final bank is set up much differently. It’s larger than the previous one (in fact it’s the largest in Gotham), has two levels, and plenty of hiding spaces. Once you take down the required amount of bank robbers, the alarms cut off once more. Only this time Two-Face himself shows up with some particular special grunts that can easily give players a headache, especially if those players tend to rely on Detective Vision.

While Two-Face walks around with his powerful shotgun just waiting to lay eyes on Batman, he has his goons ensure that the dark knight will have problems locating everyone. One individual has a device that interferes with your Detective vision, tuning everything into a pixelated blur where everything is impossible to make out. If you happen to get him in your sights and trigger your Detective vision anyway, he will have a red warning symbol over his head. You can go right for him and get your trusty sight back. But, you’re not out of the woods yet.

As an extra precaution, Two-Face also brought along a thug that can hear your Detective Vision (yup, he can hear you looking at him). If you activate this ability a meter will appear letting you know how close you are to being detected. The best way to spot this guy is to look around and find the individual talking (he’ll give constant updates about how close he is to locating you), then take him out. You are now free to proceed as normal with the rest of the thugs.

Once they are all dispatched you can now take down Two-Face. Just have Batman sneak right up with a Stealth Takedown and you’re all finished. He goes down that easily, no health bars, no running around, just straight up knock-out. Enjoy the quick little cutscene and then haul him over to GCPD lockup to complete this Most Wanted mission.

How did you feel facing your dear friend Harvey once again? Were you surprised he returned after the beatdown he got from Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you haven’t had enough of Batman: Arkham Knight, and would like to pursue more criminals and challenges, be sure to check out our growing Batman: Arkham Knight wiki for guides, tips, tricks, and more.

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