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Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide: How to Beat Lamb to the Slaughter


Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide: How to Beat Lamb to the Slaughter

Batman: Arkham Knight has no qualms with introducing players to batshit insane criminals throughout the countless hours you’ll find yourself exploring the streets of Gotham City. One such criminal is Joseph Blackfire, a cult leader with a penchant for human sacrifice. Of course, he isn’t all bad; he’s doing what needs to be done no matter how bad it may seem (something the best crazies say).

Late in the game, Batman’s favorite journalist, Jack Ryder, leaves the safety of the GCPD building in order to pursue a lead on a story. Naturally, he goes missing due to his inability to defend himself and others, as well as the fact that the only individuals bothering to roam the city streets at the moment are all violent criminals. It is now up to Batman to locate, and probably save, Ryder before something bad happens to him.

Head over to the map marker to find Ryder strapped to a table as some crazed zealot, Blackfire, stands before his brainwashed congregation ready to make a blood sacrifice. Once you land nearby, Blackfire will become enraged at the interruption and sick his followers on you. You now have three minutes to kick a bunch of ass, so get your free flow ready.

There are a lot of enemies in a relatively small space. Beware of blades and electric enemies as you jump from enemy to enemy. Batman: Arkham Knight sometimes has a tendency of throwing you at the person you want to fight least, so stay alert and make good use of your combo takedowns (as well as all of your gadgets). Make good use of dropped bats since they override all defenses (shields, heavy thugs, and electricity). Even if you aren’t too great at maintaining combos, using the environment to your advantage should enable you to take out the grunts in much less than three minutes.

Once they are all gone, turn your attention to the cage housing Blackfire and Ryder. There are generators beneath it that you must disable using your Remote Electrical Charge. After that, have Batman enter the grate on the side and watch as the cult leader gets the beatdown he so desperately deserves.

After a short cutscene, in which Ryder shares his excitement over the possibility of having his own show (dude really needs to get his priorities in order), watch as yet another seriously dangerous criminal gets locked behind bars.

You have once again shown why you are both the hero Gotham needs and deserves. Pat yourself on the back as you make your way to take down yet another criminal. If you need help with those guys, then be sure to check out our Batman: Arkham Knight wiki for guides, tips, tricks, and more.

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