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Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat Gunrunner


Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat Gunrunner

Out of all of Batman’s nemeses, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot (better known as the Penguin), is probably one of the most interesting. Born into money, he was a good little boy who studied hard, but things changed when the once affluent Cobblepot family fell on hard times. He remained the studious youngster he’d always been, but he turned his energies to the criminal underground where he learned to be the mastermind that he is today.

Of course, his being a criminal mastermind means that Batman must once again take this odd little fellow down. This time, it’s part of the Batman: Arkham Knight Gunrunner mission where Penguin has his goons moving weapons between safehouses in order to distribute them and keep them away from any prying eyes (namely, Batman’s).

In order to track down the safehouses, and subsequently the weapon’s caches, Batman must rely on Nightwing to provide info on individuals who could lead him to the locations. Every now and then, the former Robin will guide you to a van. All you need to do is mark that van using your Disruptor, knock on the door, then follow. Simple as that.

You can’t use the Batmobile since it will frighten your prey, so stick to the rooftops and sky as they lead you to the weapons cache. Enter the building, use Dual Play to beat everyone up alongside Nightwing, and destroy the cache using explosive gel. Simple as that, at least in the beginning. There are five caches in total and Penguin’s goons will do their best to make every encounter more difficult than the last.

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