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Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat Friend in Need


Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat Friend in Need


As players progress in Batman: Arkham Knight, new mission opportunities will arise as the Dark Knight’s foes grow braver throughout the night. One such occurrence is when Lucius Fox is no longer able to be contacted. Feeling a bit uneasy, Alfred asks Batman to check in on their friend to make sure that nothing is amiss. After all, in a night where everyone is out to get the bat, you can’t always be too sure that those close to you won’t get targeted.

When you actually pursue this Most Wanted mission and head to the waypoint you will change out of your Batsuit and enter the building as Bruce Wayne. Head through the room, talk to your secretary then proceed into your office. Try to access your computer and you’ll see that something just isn’t quite right. Lucius Fox (isn’t he supposed to be sort of missing?) enters the room, surprised to see you in the office (and out of your armor). When he approaches you suddenly bash his face into your desk and use him to access the computer. Has Batman finally succumbed to the Joker’s blood? Has the Fear Toxin finally taken hold of his mind? Nah, it turns out that you were playing as someone else for a moment. Someone you may remember from Batman: Arkham City.

It turns out that this Bruce Wayne doppelganger is none other than Thomas Eliot a.k.a. Hush. Once a childhood friend of Bruce’s, he grew envious of all that Bruce Wayne “gained’ from tragedy, and despised Thomas Wayne (Batman’s father) for saving his father after he attempted to kill him. So, to exact revenge, he killed numerous individuals in order to change his face to look like his old pal and ruin his life from the inside. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this guy has more than a few screws loose.

Eventually, you will be granted control of the real Batman once again and are able to enter the office. Hush has Fox at gunpoint and demands that the caped crusader bring him Bruce Wayne before he starts letting bullets fly. At this point, Batman reveals his identity and the main part of the mission is triggered. You will have to counter Hush when he turns his firearm towards you. If you hit counter too early, Lucius Fox will die, hit it too late, and Batman dies. The game slows down quite a bit here to try and get you antsy enough to act too early. Just be patient and wait to see those blue lightning bolts appear over Hush’s head, then watch as he is brutally taken down by the bat.

And there you have it, another psychotic criminal has been taken down by everyone’s favorite man who happens to dress like a bat. It was pretty neat to see Rocksteady bring Hush back into the fold after his gruesome sidequest in Batman: Arkham City. Receiving some closure to the ark is as satisfying as it is fun to body slam our old friend into a rather expensive desk.

If you haven’t had enough of Batman: Arkham Knight, and would like to pursue more criminals and challenges, be sure to check out our growing Batman: Arkham Knight wiki for guides, tips, tricks, and more.

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