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Arc System Works Acquires the Rights to All of Technos Japan’s Titles


Arc System Works Acquires the Rights to All of Technos Japan’s Titles

Old-school beat-em-up action.

Arc System Works has announced that they have bought all of the rights to Technos Japan’s games. These include Double Dragon, the Kunio-kun series, the River City Ransom series, and Super Dodge Ball.

Technos Japan went bankrupt back in 1996, but all of their IPs were bought in 2001 by a Japanese company called Millions Co., Ltd.

In the official press release Arc System Works wrote:

Arc System Works, developer of world-class fighting games such as the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series, is excited to announce that effective June 1st, 2015, all Intangible Property Rights of all titles previously owned by Technos Japan Corp.™, including but not limited to the “Double Dragon” series, “Super Dodge Ball” series, “River City Ransom”, and the “Kunio-kun” series, has been transferred from Million Co., Ltd. to Arc System Works Co., Ltd.

Arc System Works wrote in a newly launched teaser website, “Please look forward to our Technos special titles.”


Arc System Works also recently announced that they’re working on a follow-up to Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign called Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator. Revelator will include new balances, expanded systems, and characters, such as the leader of the Jellyfish Pirates Johnny Sfondi.

What’s your opinion on the news that Arc System Works now has these licenses? Let us know in the comments below!

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