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Another Batman: Arkham Knight Edition Runs into Trouble


Another Batman: Arkham Knight Edition Runs into Trouble

What’s goin’ on Batman?

Batman: Arkham Knight faces further troubles with regards to its limited editions prior to its launch tomorrow, 23rd June.

Last week pre-order customers from UK specialist retailer GAME, who had ordered the ‘Batmobile Collector’s Edition’ of Arkham Knight, received an email informing them that the edition had been completely cancelled. Rocksteady released the following statement on the issue:

“We regret to inform you that we are not able to release the Batmobile Collector’s Edition of Batman: Arkham Knight due to unforeseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality of this extremely limited run of product. We are deeply apologetic for this unfortunate outcome.”

Understandably, mega Bat-fans were left disappointed with little to show for the cancellation. Surely nothing else could go wrong with say, the middle-tier limited edition copy of Batman: Arkham Knight, right?

Turns out it can. The Limited Edition version of Arkham Knight has now been delayed across multiple retailers. The Limited Edition, containing a steelbook case, an artbook, a comic book, a character skin pack, and a statue, is now being listed as unavailable on Amazon. Eurogamer have also received reports that GameStop Finaland has also issued a delay of the Limited Edition of Arkham Knight.

Whilst this does indeed suck and will once again leave fans disappointed, they will not be left empty handed come tomorrow. Instead both retailers will reportedly be sending download codes for the game to those customers affected by the delay.

The question must be asked though, what is really going on with these editions of what is set to be one of 2015’s biggest games? Did Rocksteady and Warner Bros. over-allocate stock, leading to a rushed production of poor quality collectibles? Here’s hoping we get an answer from Rocksteady soon.

What do you make of all this? Got any conspiracy theories for us? Maybe Joker is up to his usual tricks! Let us know in the comments below.

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