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5 Iconic Moments that Define the Batman: Arkham Franchise


5 Iconic Moments that Define the Batman: Arkham Franchise

So Batman, it hurts.

Fighting Mr. Freeze (Batman: Arkham City)

Batman: arkham mr freeze

Sooner or later, anything Batman is going to have to tackle Mr. Freeze. He’s one of Batman’s greatest villains, and definitely takes the top spot for the most tragic. Victor Fries was a genius in cryonics who survived an industrial accident while finding a way to cure his terminally ill wife, Nora. The details following the accident vary with each continuity; in some universes, he uses a freeze gun and a special suit to keep him alive, while in others, he still has the suit, but can shoot the ice from his hands instead of the gun.

In the New 52, Nora isn’t even his wife, but instead a woman from the 1940s with a terminal disease cryogenically frozen that Victor grew obsessed with while trying to find a cure. Whatever continuity, he’s a good guy who just happens to do bad things for the woman he loves. Which also sometime involve bad puns.

Freeze makes his official debut to the Arkhamverse in Batman: Arkham City. The good doctor is held in Penguin’s museum on display, the fat crime lord in possession of his freeze gun. This is already bad, but even worse, since Batman needs Freeze’s help to find a cure for the illness the dying Joker transferred to him. Getting the freeze gun is easier said than done; not only does Batman need a special disruptor that’ll stop the gun from freezing him to death, he goes toe to toe with everyone’s favorite undead monster, Solomon Grundy. He grabs the gun and hands it over to Freeze, but Freeze isn’t so keen on taking orders from Batman anymore. As is the case with most Batman situations, the only way to get Vic to comply is to punch the sense into him.

Previous boss fights in the Arkham games were against big, ‘roided up juggernauts that you defeated by playing Matador with them. Not so with Freeze. He patrols the area like a sentry, never giving you a chance to stay in one place for long. You’re thankfully given plenty of ways to get the jump on him, from using your trusty Line Launcher to vent and aerial takedowns.

But don’t think you can just repeat one tactic until his health bar is drained, because he’ll ensure you can’t do it again. Do a glass breakthrough, and he’ll freeze all the glass shut; use your remote charge to attach him to a battery, and he’ll ice those inoperable. It’s a boss battle that requires you to pay attention to your environment and get creative, and goes a long way towards making Freeze feel like this darkness you can’t escape from.

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