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5 Batman Villains That Should Have Been Arkham Knight Instead


5 Batman Villains That Should Have Been Arkham Knight Instead

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Ever since the first teaser trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight came out, one burning question was seared in the minds of many – who is the Arkham Knight? For all you diehard Arkham fans out there, you’ve probably plowed through the campaign to uncover his true identity by now. As full disclosure, if you have not played or beaten the game yet, you’ve been warned – SPOILERS AHEAD. In 3… 2… 1….

The Arkham Knight is none other than Jason Todd – Batman’s former protege and the second Robin. For more details on his reveal, check out this article. In hindsight, Jason Todd was an obvious and perfect fit for the Arkham Knight, especially when you factor in his characterization in famous comic book arcs  such as Under the Red Hood and Battle For The Cowl. 

The Batman universe arguably has the best villains around in the DC Universe, Furthermore, the concept of an “anti-Batman” villain is an idea that has been experimented with many times in the comics. In this feature, we highlight 5 comic book villains that would give Jason Todd a run for his money as the Arkham Knight.

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