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4 Tips for Attending Your First Fighting Game Community Event


4 Tips for Attending Your First Fighting Game Community Event

Remember to have fun!

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Talk to Your Peers


This is the majority of the Killer Instinct players that had attended Combo Breaker 2015. It was a great opportunity to meet the faces of the people I’ve been playing this past year!

This being your first event, there’s a lot to see and do so don’t get overwhelmed. You’re in a place filled with plenty of like-minded individuals; don’t be afraid to talk to them. Not only are you here to put everything you’ve learned from your hours upon hours of at home or online training to work, but you’re here to learn. Talk to players of the game that you’re competing in, play some casual games with them, discuss your enjoyment of the game or things you found to help in matchups against other characters. It’s okay to be friendly to everyone who is competing in your tournament because they, like you, love the game and want to see it grow. When you’re competing, you can get in the zone all you want, but outside of that everyone is there to have fun!

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