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Everyone On the Internet Has Their 3 Best Games Ever


Everyone On the Internet Has Their 3 Best Games Ever

What are your favorite 3 games ever?

We all have video games that we love to death. The games that we’ll shove our entire backlog to the side for just to replay one more time. Those games we’ll never let go of. Gail Simone, writer of famous comics such as Batgirl, Secret Six, Birds of Prey, and The Movement, asked Twitter users what their 3 best games are, and Twitter was more than happy to respond!

Some people go with old school games:

Some take old school a step further and rep Zork:

Sometimes, your love is more than just 3 best games:

Oh, Batfleck!

Recent games deserve some love too:

PC games in da houuuuuuuuuuse:

As for Gail herself? She loves herself some Skyrim.

The important thing is that we all love games! But especially Zelda and The Last of Us:

What are your 3 best games ever? Tell us in the comments below!

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