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20 Times Luigi Was Literally You


20 Times Luigi Was Literally You

We’re all Luigis living in a Mario world.

 When you’re just trying to enjoy yourself in a popular club.

When your head is freakishly disproportionate to your body.

When your older sibling’s a total dick.

When you have no idea how to hold someone’s baby.

When you and your squad roll up together.

When you totally just realized you’re the third wheel.

When you and your BFF get too crunk.

When you’re gossiping at work.

When you’re pretending to be into sports.

When you’re Mr. Steal Yo Girl

When you’re feeling your look for a selfie.

When you’re pretending to know what you’re doing.

When you see your ex.

When you heard the Year of Luigi was over.

When you’re about to graduate.

When you think about life in general, really.

When you’re dodging your responsibilities.

When you’ve had enough of everyone’s shit.

When you spot dat ass.

Luigi, man. He gets us.

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