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Xbox One Games with Gold vs PS+ for PS4 Price and Value Comparison Shows PS+ Way Ahead Last Year


Xbox One Games with Gold vs PS+ for PS4 Price and Value Comparison Shows PS+ Way Ahead Last Year

Who’s got the goods?

With the success of PlayStation Plus’s Instant Game Collection, few were surprised when Microsoft  decided to join in on the action leading up to the launch of the Xbox One. In June of 2013, Microsoft launched the Games with Gold Program for the Xbox 360. One year later, the same program rolled out to offer free games on the Xbox One, putting it in direct competition with the PlayStation 4’s already growing stable of free games.

After a year of Games with Gold for Xbox One, how did the two services compare? Did they offer the same value? Same amount of games? Were the games even any good? While many of the answers may come down to personal preference, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of all the free games offered on both consoles, and included their current prices and Metacritic scores.  So now it’s up to you to be the judge.

Please keep in mind that these lists only reflect the North American offerings and prices. Prices were pulled from the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PSN Store.


Games with Gold Xbox One Offerings June 2014-May 2015

Halo: Spartan Assault– $9.99, Metacritic 53 

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood– $14.99, Metacritic 72 

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition– S14.99, Metacritic 88

Crimson Dragon  $14.99, Metacritic 55 

Strike Suit Zero-$ 19.99, Metacritic 67 

Super Time Force $14.99, Metacritic 80 

Chariot– $14.99,  Metacritic 73

Volgarr the Viking– $9.99, Metacritic 77 

Worms Battlegrounds– $24.99, Metacritic 77 

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die– $14.99, Metacritic 76

#IDARB– $14.99, Metacritic 77 

Rayman Legends– $39.99, Metacritic 91 

Pool Nation:FX– $13.99, Metacritic No Score yet (though reviews are negative)

Child of Light– $14.99, Metacritic 82 

CastleStorm: Definitive Edition– $14.99, Metacricitic 69 

Games 16 

Total Value $253.85

Average Metacritic Score=74  

Yearly Subscription Cost= $60


PlayStation Plus Free PlayStation 4 Offerings June 2014-May 2015

PixelJunk Shooter: Ultimate (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 82

Trine 2: Complete Story- $19.99, Metacritic 84

Doki-Doki Universe (cross-buy)- FREE, Metacritic 71

Strider– $14.99 Metacritic 77

TowerFall: Ascension– $14.99, Metacritic 87

Fez (cross-buy)- $12.99, Metacritic 90

Road Not Taken– $14.99, Metacritic 70

Sportsfriends (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 82

Velocity 2X (cross-buy)- $19.99, Metacritic 86

Dust: An Elysian Tail– $14.99, Metacritic 79

Pix the Cat (cross-buy)- $9.99, Metacritic 80

Spelunky (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic No Score (though positive on all other platforms)

Escape Plan (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 73

SteamWorld Dig (cross-buy)- $9.99, Metacritic 82

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 88

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition– $29.99, Metacritic 80

Secret Ponchos– $14.99, Metacritic 64

Titan Attacks (cross-buy)- $11.99, Metacritic 74

InFamous: First Light- $14.99, Metacritic 73

The Swapper (cross-buy)- $19.99, Metacritic 84

Apotheon– $14.99, Metacritic 76

Rogue Legacy (cross-buy)- $16.99, Metacritic 85

Transistor– $19.99, Metacritic 83

CounterSpy (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 67

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!– $19.99, Metacritic 84

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 85

Valiant Hearts: The Great War– $14.99, Metacritic 77

Aaru’s Awakening (cross-buy)- $14.99 Metacritic 59

Never Alone– $14.99, Metacritic 73

Tower of Guns (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 68

Ether One– No Price (Unreleased), Metacritic No PS4 Score Yet

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edtion– $14.99, Metacritic 87

Hohokum (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 75

The Unfinished Swan (cross-buy)- $14.99, Metacritic 83

Race the Sun (cross-buy)- $9.99, Metacritic 76

Games 36 

Total Value= $516.67   

Average Metacritic Score=76  

Yearly Subscription Cost= $50

While there is a small margin between the two average Metacritic scores, 1 in 9 games offered on PlayStation Plus dip below 70 on Metacritic, where a quarter of the games offered on Games with Gold do (with 2 even dipping below 60).

While Metacritic scores don’t guarantee a good game, that doesn’t detract from the fact that, on the surface at least, the PlayStation 4 offered more monetary value when it came to freebies over the last 12 months. Over twice the amount games, over twice the amount of value (price wise), and a slightly higher average Metacritic Score.

It’s been an interesting first 12 months for Xbox One’s Games with Gold, and it looks as if they may be finally getting into a groove. The next year may see things shaken up a bit.

What is your take on the first 12 months of Games with Gold for the Xbox One? Do you think they offered fair value for there first outing? Share your opinions in the comments.

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