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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Monster Guide – How to Beat Jenny O’ The Woods


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Monster Guide – How to Beat Jenny O’ The Woods

Jenny, what’s the problem?

Well, now here’s the first contract monster that poses quite a bit of challenge in The Witcher 3. The recommended level for Jenny O’ The Woods is 10 but even then, this fight can prove to be quite difficult if you’re impatient.

Once you accept the contract, have Geralt track down the missing villagers to obtain the knife and letter – quest items that you have to burn in order to summon the wraith. After that, talk to the Ealdorman to get more information about the wraith and head up to the indicated spot. You’ll have to wait till nightfall to burn the items. Before doing so, be sure to equip the Yrden Sign.

Jenny O’ The Woods is very similar to the Noonwraith you fought back in the prologue, but she does way more damage. To begin, you’ll want to use Yrden near the light of the fire and wait for Jenny to step into the circle. She only goes into her material form when in the circle; don’t try to get any reckless hits in outside of it. Thankfully, Jenny doesn’t have a very extensive move set. Most of the time, she’ll just try to swipe at you. When this happens, simply dodge backwards to avoid her swipe, and then run back in to get a couple of hits in.

Occasionally, she’ll disappear into a puff of smoke, leaving Geralt blinded for two seconds. This is when she summons three wraiths with 1 HP each, all of which you must kill before Jenny herself reappears. You’ll want to kill these wraiths quickly because Jenny recovers health when she summons them. When you’ve dispatched all three wraiths, Jenny will appear again. Remember to use the Yrden Sign when she reappears, and you can resume your attack pattern.

The toughest part of this fight is Jenny’s ability to regenerate health when she summons her wraiths and the sheer amount of damage she can do to Geralt with one swipe. With that in mind, the key to winning this fight is to be patient. Wait for Jenny to step into the Yrden circle, strike her once or twice, dodge her swipes, and repeat.

If you’re still having trouble with the fight, I recommend crafting the Moon Dust bomb and using it alongside the Yrden Sign. The Moon Dust bomb will force Jenny into her material form, allowing you to attack her even outside of the circle. However, you’ll still need to be careful of her swipes as greedy attacks can get you killed really quickly in this fight.

Once you’ve slain Jenny O’ The Woods, remember to loot her body to get the trophy and report back to the Ealdorman for your reward. Congratulations, you’ve just beaten one of the tougher monsters in The Witcher 3.

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