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The Witcher 3 How to – Family Matters Botchling Monster Guide


The Witcher 3 How to – Family Matters Botchling Monster Guide

Tiny package with a big punch. Beware!

Within the Family Matters quest line, there will be a moment where you’re faced with the decision of either fighting a Botchling as is with the Baron by your side, or to turn it into a Lubberkin. In case you don’t know, Botchlings are in fact born from “dead, unwanted babies discared without a proper burial.” Be warned if you want to face it as a, though, Botchling: it is hard as hell in this form. Nigh impossible. Save yourself the headache by choosing the “turn into a Lubberkin” option. Do not be a hero if you’re a lower level. We’re talking one damage most of the time over here.

This option will have the Baron grab hold of the little Botchling and an escort mission will start between the three of you. You’ll stop twice to face groups of wraiths, each time forcing you to be quick about dispatching the wraiths. They’re regular ones, so it’s not that tough of a battle, but there are a lot so bob and weave! After each group is dispatched, have your Axii sign ready to calm down the Botchling because it’ll start to get a little too buck wild. Simply approach the Baron and Botchling and use your sign.

After a touching cutscene, your worst nightmare is a friendly ghost that will aid you in continuing this long quest line. How did you fare in this quest line? Let us know in the comments below and check out more The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt guides in our wiki!

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