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We Happy Few's Kickstarter Gets a Launch Date


We Happy Few's Kickstarter Gets a Launch Date

Mark your calendars and set a few bucks aside.

Back in February Compulsion Games teased their follow-up to shadow-platformer, Contrast, then in March they officially announced We Happy Few.

Soon after the reveal they made an appearance at PAX East, showcasing a pre-alpha build of the new title and offering players who could complete the build access to the beta when it becomes available. Compulsion learned a lot from their fans during the production of Contrast, and they want fans to be even more involved with We Happy Few. It is for this reason that they showed off such a rough draft of the game and launched a fresh website complete with forums, so fans can be directly involved and give their input from the very early stages.

In addition to just getting feedback from a single event Compulsion has decided to take We Happy Few to Kickstarter, which they have just announced will launch on June 4. In fact they have had a thread going on their forum discussing with their audience what they would like to see from Kickstarter reward tiers, with plenty of good ideas. With just two weeks until the campaign begins, odds are they’ve pretty much firmed up what the rewards will be. Still, it can’t hurt to let them know of any brilliant suggestions you think of in that time.

If you haven’t heard of We Happy Few before now, check out the announcement trailer and bask in the trippy, Bioshock-y, 1984-y vibes packed within.

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